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All About FOSIS
What is FOSIS?

The Social and Solidarity Investment Fund – FOSIS is a decentralized public agency of the Chilean Government , with personalidad juridica and patrimonio propio, created in 1990.

FOSIS is subject to the supervision of the President of the Republic, with whom it interacts through the Ministry of Planning (MIDEPLAN).

FOSIS finances – in whole or in part – development plans, programs, projects and special activities that contribute to poverty reduction in the nation. These actions should resolve income-related problems, improve quality of life and / or help to strengthen the capacities and skills of the most needy. It works with communes and territories that are targeted due to the high concentration of poverty present and / or other indicators of social exclusion.

FOSIS' Misión

"To contribute to the nation’s effort to overcome poverty, contributing original responses to issues, areas and work approaches, complementary to those dealt with by other State agencies".

Vision of the Future

We hope that FOSIS will be an institutional leader in actions and reflections that contribute to poverty reduction in the nation. The final interest groups who are worked with proudly take ownership of their future and improve their living conditions thanks to the effort and support lent to them by society and the State.

FOSIS’ staff values and enjoys the work they engage in, receives recognition from the community in which they work and obtains personal and professional growth perspectives. FOSIS authorities and technical experts constructively participate in the national debate on poverty reduction and human and integral development.

The work of FOSIS
Fondo de Solidaridad e Inversión Social – FOSIS
Oficina Central: Ahumada 48 piso 9
Fono: (56+2) 2416500 Fax: (56+2)2416590
Contacto: infonacional@fosis.cl